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It used to be that scores, perforations, Printable Surfaces Open New Possibilitieslaminations, adhesives and other special techniques had to be added after your piece was printed. Not anymore!

Nowadays, advancements in specialty substrates – that’s just printers’ speak for the materials you can print on – are not only eliminating costly and time-consuming finishing but also enhancing the attractiveness and utility of your printed pieces. Here are just a few of the possibilities offered by today’s specialty substrates:

  • Synthetic substrates of polyester (not paper!) are gaining application where moisture or wear are of concern, such as menus, offering moisture- and grease-proof performance without the need for laminating.
  • Pressure-sensitive substrates in paper, polyester, and vinyl provide an adhesive, making them ideal for labels as well as signage such as window banners.
  • Dimensional substrates in paper and synthetics come pre-scored and ready for folding into boxes, tent cards, pocket folders, door hangers, greeting cards and even golf ball sleeves after printing.
  • Professional photo substrates provide the look and feel of high-luster photo paper when the highest-quality image reproduction is essential to your printed piece.

There’s more, of course, including specialty substrates with embedded magnets (e.g., for refrigerator applications), and snap-out cards (e.g., for memberships) as well as panoramic papers that enable beautiful images to flow seamlessly across the fold.

For more information on how you might benefit from specialty substrates, contact us today. Printing in every way, shape, form – and substrate – is a specialty of ours.

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