9 Tips for a Persuasive Sales Letter


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9 Tips for a Persuasive Sales LetterA major advantage to direct mail is its capacity for one-on-one communications with the prospect or customer. Unlike other forms of advertising, you can get “personal.” What makes a great sales letter that motivates action? Here’s the breakdown:

1. Employ a “Johnson box”: Named after legendary direct marketer Frank Johnson, it features the letter’s key message. When it makes sense, make it BIG and bold, and place it at the top.

2. Make ‘em an offer. Sales letters are best with a strong offer that’s repeated.

3. Address it by name: Assure the recipient that your message is intended expressly for them.

4. Break up copy blocks. Use subheads and bullet points, and underline for emphasis.

5. Include a call to action. Just as a good salesperson never fails to ask for the order, your sales letter should always ask for a desire action.

6. Support cross media marketing. Drive recipients to a promotion-specific landing page. With an online lead capture form, you can collect more customer data (product interests, email addresses) for further nurturing.

7. Sign off with a signature and include a title. They’ll give your letter and offer added authenticity.

8. Set a deadline. The notion of missing out can motivate recipients to act now while your letter is in hand and message top-of-mind.

9. PS: Don’t forget a PS! Scanners are drawn to postscripts; re-state your offer here.

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