Nonprofit Marketing Strategy: Manpower Over Money


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Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

While many charitable organizations are in search of donors, others are seeking something that’s often more difficult to get than financial assistance… and that’s someone’s time. Here are five ways you can find more volunteers by bolstering your online presence:

  1. Your website is where current and prospective donors and volunteers go to research your organization, sign up and learn about upcoming events. Enhance your website with content that entices visitors to return to it often – and refer it to others. Post blogs, informational guides, research, reviews, case studies, videos, upcoming events and more.
  2. Boost your visibility with organic search engine optimization. If your website has low rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo when common search terms are used, have your webmaster or marketing services provider assist you with SEO. With it, keyword placement and other techniques can boost your site’s rankings – and its traffic.
  3. Optimize your website for mobile use with simplified navigation and content that’s rendered in narrower columns for easier viewing on smartphones. Increasingly, that’s the way people are accessing online content.
  4. Employ the sharing power of social media. Establish pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other top social media sites. You’ll not only strengthen your nonprofit’s ties with current followers, but also gain an opportunity for them to “share” their interest in it with like-minded friends.
  5. Maintain contact with email marketing. While direct mail is often a viable and attractive option for ongoing volunteer communications, email or contact marketing has its advantages. It’s immediate; your email messages can be created and distributed with great speed. It’s low in cost. And it enables precise targeting to those who have opted in for continued messages from you.

Contact us for more tips on creating your nonprofit marketing strategy to grow your organization with the help of volunteers.

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