Marketing Planning Webinar: What Every Marketer Needs to Know for 2016


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Marketing Planning Webinar

For small and mid-sized businesses as well as many organizations and nonprofits, the fourth quarter is prime time to begin planning your marketing efforts for the upcoming year. Of course, it’s also the period when countless other priorities come calling.

Your efforts are likely to be further complicated by the “many hats” syndrome, which is common to business owners and managers who are often required to multi-task like few others!

The good news? Help is close at hand. And it’s free. You are invited to join us for an important one-hour marketing planning webinar, “Ready, Set, Grow! Proven Lead Generation and Customer Retention Strategies for 2016,” on Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. (EST)

Perfectly timed to coincide with your marketing planning for the year to come, it will be presented by one of the foremost authorities in cross-channel marketing, Kate Dunn, director of InfoTrends’ Business Development Group.

Over the course of 60 fast-moving minutes, she’ll share her time-saving and business-building strategies for 2016 to guide you in improving awareness of your organization, keeping and growing existing customers or donors, and reaching new prospects. Register now.

And please contact us when you’re ready to plan strategic marketing and print campaigns that can deliver better results.

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