Local Lead Generation is Top Goal for 2016


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A top business marketing priority for the next 12 months is to gain new customers, according to recent research by InfoTrends.

However, not all customer leads are created equal. Some prospects turn into buyers right away, while others may never buy from you. Still others will take nurturing and more information before becoming customers or donors. How do you know if your local lead generation tactics are working as well as they should?

While results vary widely based on the channel used, the message, the offer and the suitability of the campaign’s targets, overall an average lead generation campaign should bring in slightly more than double your initial investment.

Keep in mind, though, that many campaigns are improperly executed and fail to recover their full costs. Any local lead generation activity must keep in mind the expected lifetime value of the customers gained, not just their initial spend.

If your campaigns are falling short, consider the following to help you refine your program:

  • Is my list accurate and targeted to the right people?
  • Is my offer valuable, relevant and appealing to my prospects?
  • Is the creative piece attention-grabbing? Does it include a strong call-to-action?
  • Is my value proposition evident in all of my marketing communications?
  • Would I buy from me?

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