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Creating more engaging content was picked as the top priority by 72% of B2B content marketers, according to Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) new 2016 study. Yet becoming stronger writers ranked lowest; just 19% considered it important.

Things that make you go, “Hmm.” CMI took this surprising inconsistency to a roundtable of marketing minds to talk about the discipline of writing and the need to practice and prioritize it to do it well. CMI’s Michele Lynn compiled their suggestions for improving the skills of the writers in your organization in her recent post.

In a nutshell? Generating content that’s compelling is a natural result when writers do these three things, among others:

  • Read more.
  • Emulate great writing.
  • Have the discipline and time to write every day.

If you’re like many companies, outsourcing some or all of your content creation is necessary to help you meet your goals. CMI says, and we agree, that even the best writers will need to be brought up to speed on your brand – and may not be on target with the first draft. Give the relationship time to develop, knowing that consistency and clarity in your brand voice makes it much easier for multiple resources to hit the mark.

Need support with generating content that is strategic, and above all, is considered valuable by your key audiences? Let us know. We can help!

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