Consistent Brand Messaging is the Key to Your Customer’s Heart


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Your brand is your promise. It’s the message that you send to your customers about what they can expect from you. It is an important step in establishing a relationship with customers.

Building your brand, however, requires consistency across your marketing channels. Whether your customers encounter you through social media, a Google search or they walk into your store, you should provide them with the same brand messaging that shows who your business is at its core. Here are four reasons why a consistent brand message is so crucial to organizational growth.

1. Be recognizable.
Consistent colors have actually been found to increase brand recognition by as much as 80 percent. This means using the same brand imaging can make it significantly easier for you to attract your desired audience. This type of recognition can be important in laying the foundation for valuable customer relationships.

2. Cut through the clutter.
Customers today are exposed to thousands of marketing and advertising messages daily, but they remember only a fraction. People need repeat exposure to yours for your brand to begin to make an impact — some researchers believe that it may take as many as 3 exposures to an ad for the message to start to sink in. When you plan your advertising with consistent colors and brand messaging so that people recognize your ad regardless of where they see it, you can improve the memorability of your ad and increase brand recognition.

3. Communicate authenticity.
People like to work with companies that they perceive as being honest about their core values. In fact, 80 percent of customers say that the authenticity of the organization is an important factor in their decision whether or not to become a loyal brand follower. When a brand broadcasts inconsistent messaging, it becomes more difficult for customers to know the genuine brand. Consistency helps to give the impression of an authentic message to which customers can relate.

4. Prepare for the rising generation.
Brand consistency has always been important for successful marketing. This is particularly true for brands who target millennials.

According to a survey completed by SDL, the majority of those in the key millennial demographic expect a consistent brand experience across all interactions with the company. Whether it is in-store, online or on the phone, they expect the same service and brand messaging.

Millennials represent about a fourth of the population and have a buying power estimated at $200 billion. This power will be growing as an increasing number of them come of age. Not only are they a force themselves, but they can also influence older generations. Even if you do not engage directly with millennials yet, they will be everyone’s customer eventually.

Review your marketing messages and see what you can do tie them together. If you are having trouble creating a consistent image throughout your marketing campaigns, reach out to us at American Speedy Printing.

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