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According to Cone Communications, 54 percent of people made a purchase decision that was influenced by a particular cause. When done correctly, cause marketing can have a powerful impact on your brand’s reputation and your success. The struggle for many organizations, however, is determining how to incorporate the right cause into your brand so that it engages your customers while also driving your business.

Find a cause that fits with your brand

The cause selected should be one that your audience can connect with and easily fits with your brand. This helps to communicate authenticity that your company genuinely cares about this particular organization or cause.

You can create this authenticity in a variety of ways. You might select a cause that is related to your industry. For example, if you are a restaurant, you might partner with a food bank. If you work in education, you might raise money for school supplies for children.

You can also look at your local community and partner with a cause that means something special to the people, such as the local nonprofit organization, parks, libraries or other area services.

Getting started with cause marketing

Successfully using cause marketing does not mean you have to jump in with an enormous campaign. You can start around a holiday season, pairing with a local shelter, and host a food drive or baby products drive. You can sponsor a local event, such as a run or a golf tournament, with the proceeds benefiting the nonprofit of your choice.

You can also create banners or promotional products to let customers know about this cause that is close to your heart when they do business with you. Small token gifts can be provided for those who contribute to your fundraising activities. You can also use direct mail to contact your customers and let them know about your new charitable campaigns. A well-designed card or letter that balances your branding along with information about your cause can inspire people to contribute and helps to link your brand with this charity.

There are also a variety of ways that cause marketing can be worked into regular activities. For example, include a bit about your favorite cause on the invoices you send to customers, and encourage them to get involved. This makes it easy for people to donate a few dollars while they are paying the bill.

Cause marketing can be very effective and makes consumers take notice of your business. Need help creating a successful cause marketing campaign? We can help you promote your cause and your brand from every direction. Contact us today to get started.

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