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Don’t underestimate the business impact of customer care with your current client base. While providing quality customer service with every transaction is important, going above and beyond will help you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, you need to show your clients some love, and a gift can be the way to do just that. Does it need to be costly? Not at all. Is it worth it? Absolutely, and if you carefully choose the right branded promotional products to do the job, you can build brand awareness at the same time.

Here are some ideas that may be small investments in time and money, but can pay big dividends.

  • Send along a thank you note. Make sure you send the promotional product at the same time you send a well-thought-out thank you note, or deliver it in person. You want your client to realize that you value the business relationship and that this promotional gift is not just a casual giveaway.
  • Personalize it. Consider customizing the promotional product for your very best clients. Your client will feel a kinship to your brand, since the names are connected in print. Also, you can feel confident that your gift will stick around with the individual to whom you send it.
  • Connect the product with an event. Instead of simply sending along a gift, why not make the item part of a bigger event? Consider hosting a VIP night for your best clients, for instance.
  • Give a few for the office. Instead of just sending a coffee mug, shirt or pen for your connection (i.e., the buyer), include a few extras for the customer to give to his or her secretary, boss or others in the office. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated, and all it does is boost your brand awareness.
  • Think outside the box. While bags, pens, and shirts are always winners, depending on your particular company and the clients you work with, sometimes a unique promotional gift will have a bigger impact. If you have an idea for a promotional product gift that will impress, no matter how crazy, consider having it made. It is often well worth the effort. For example, do you have clients who are into fitness? Choose logoed pedometers or exercise mats to show you know them, and care. That unique item could be the one that makes your client remember you and choose to work with you time and time again.
  • Remember year-end giving. Giving a year-end “happy holidays” gift is always a thoughtful touch. Your clients will need tools like calendars, planners, journals and other items in the weeks and months ahead. You have the opportunity to put your name out there by providing useful gifts that happen to include your name or logo.

There’s no easier or more affordable way to show your customers that you appreciate them than with branded promotional products that are practical and memorable. If you would like to learn more about how branded promotional products can open doors and maintain relationships, reach out to the team at American Speedy. We would love to help you connect with your clients in a new and exciting way.

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