Ignore the Influence of Color and You Could Be Singing The Blues


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influence of color

It’s said you only get one chance to make a good first impression … and it’s proven that color plays a huge role in whether that impression on your consumers is positive or negative.

According to researchers, when shoppers first set foot in a store they make a subconscious judgement about the retail environment – and its products or services – within 90 seconds. And just how much of that first impression is based on color alone? As much as 90%!1

The influence of color on consumers

From packaging to advertising to signage and more, color impacts your sales on every level. Whether it’s a sign mounted on your building, a window graphic to promote a sale or a postcard to announce the arrival of this spring’s new styles, spending extra time on choosing the right color makes good sense. Consider this:

  1. Color matters in marketing. In research conducted by the Seoul International Color Expo, over 93% of subjects put the most importance on visual factors when purchasing products, eclipsing feel (5.6%), hearing (0.9%) and smell (also 0.9%).
  2. Color increases brand recognition. To what degree? By as much as 80%, according to a University of Loyola, Maryland study.
  3. Color boosts memorability. In findings reported by the Journal of Experimental Psychology, color helps people process images more efficiently than black-and-white scenes and, as a result, remember them better, too.
  4. Color improves readership. Multiple studies and sources report that color increases comprehension (by 73%), learning (55-68%) and readability (40%).

So, which color will work best for you?

Marketing software solutions provider Marketo took a closer look at colors, reporting shade-by-shade on how different choices can affect your business:

  • Black is employed by those who wish to communicate classic sophistication, and is often associated with expensive or upscale brands.
  • Blue is likely the most popular choice for brand colors, and is considered dependable, trustworthy, secure and responsible.
  • Brown is thought to be earthlike, natural and durable. The color speaks of simplicity and strength.
  • Green is synonymous with calm, freshness and health. Lighter shades communicate serenity, while darker greens are associated with affluence.
  • Orange is a color full of life and excitement. It communicates fun, exuberance, playfulness and vitality.
  • Red invokes a passionate response, and is aggressive, attention getting, energetic and provocative.
  • Purple is elegant, rich, and sophisticated, and is associated with royalty, nostalgia, spirituality and mystery.
  • White represents cleanliness and purity, making it a popular choice among healthcare and child-related businesses and organizations.
  • Yellow invokes sunny feelings of hope and optimism. Its brightness catches the eye and stimulates creativity and energy.

Consider these insights when creating brand identity, designing or packaging a new product, or promoting your latest offering. Smart marketers who acknowledge the influence of color in their efforts often leave competitors green with envy! Let the experts at American Speedy help you pick out the color that speaks to your business.

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