Direct Marketing Offers That Stand the Test of Time


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Direct Marketing Offers That Stand the Test of Time
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The importance of the offer you present on your postcard or mailing envelope can’t be overstated. Among direct marketing pros, it’s generally accepted that it will account for fully 30% of your campaign’s success – second only to the list (50%), but ahead of the creative (20%).

When crafting your offer remember, it should be easy to explain, quickly understood and, above all, motivating.

That said, an offer doesn’t have to be costly, but your target must perceive that it has value. Equally important is conveying a sense of urgency, most often by limiting the redemption period or number of benefits available. Also note that the best offers will appeal to your specific audience, but not be so generous as to attract unqualified customers.

Where to begin? Consider these tried-and-true appeals:

Five top business-to-business offers

  1. Free information: Offer a guide, white paper or case study.
  2. Free demonstration: Important for vehicles or business equipment.
  3. Money-back guarantee: Receive a refund for a product or service if not completely satisfied.
  4. Free survey or assessment: Used by service companies such as accounting, legal and maintenance.
  5. Free trial: Common for higher-priced services or merchandise.

Five top business-to-consumer offers

  1. Free gift: Effective for driving traffic to retailers or service-oriented businesses.
  2. Customer appreciation sale: Special deals, but for past customers only.
  3. Trade-in offer: Dollars off when you purchase new and surrender the old.
  4. Seasonal sale: Add a sense of urgency by making it for a limited time.
  5. Special terms: Bill me later, low or no interest, or installment payments.

Need help with your direct mail effort? Whether it’s crafting an effective offer, locating a targeted list or developing a creative approach, let us know. We’re here for you.

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