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So, you’ve decided to exhibit at a trade show. This is an excellent way to make connections in your industry and get your name out to new people and businesses. However, once you get to the show, what should you expect and what should you do? Here are five things you should make an effort to do when at the event.

  • Always arrive early. Find out how early you can start setting up and arrive then. You will have the opportunity to start making connections when there are fewer people around, plus if you are able to choose your own spot, you’ll be able to pick a prime spot.
  • Create a destination booth. Invest in banners, table-top displays and other marketing material to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Creating a destination booth may take some work, but it will pay off by attracting visitors.
  • Visit other booths. As long as you have another colleague in attendance with you to cover the booth, get out there with some business cards and start meeting others. This is a fabulous time to find vendor partners or perhaps even sell your own services.
  • Leave your mark. When you are building relationships with others in your industry, sometimes it can help to leave a physical “mark” behind. Giveaways like t-shirts, pens, calendars and other promotional products are all incredible ways to build brand awareness.
  • Connect with social media. Make sure you post often on social media and encourage people to see you in person. The trade show might be the perfect opportunity to break through from online marketing to real life marketing and turn a visitor into a customer. On the other hand, when visitors come to your booth, encourage them to visit your website or sign up for your social media programs—so you can reach them again in the future too.

Whether you have a trade show event booked in the next month, or you are putting together your plans for a year out, it’s never too late or too early to improve your event marketing presence. Contact American Speedy Printing and let us help you boost your brand at your next event.

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