Indoor Signage: The Unsung Inside Marketer


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You know this: You’re driving by a business and there’s only a name. You don’t know what they do. They could be anybody . . . doing anything.

Now, think of the place you’re walking by that has a name on the sign and a few words about what they do. You know instantly whether you want to visit them or not. Outside signage on a business is critical, but did you know the inside signage needs to be working just as hard for you?

Think like a customer
Take a walk around your business, and imagine you’re a customer. Can you find what you want or see special offers with just a glance at a sign or two? Do you feel like you’re wandering without purpose? Are the signs easy to read, simple, and helpful? Is everything spelled correctly?

If you felt a little lost or confused, then it might be time to re-evaluate your inside signage. Proper signage will:

  • Direct buyers quickly to what they’re looking for
  • Be of high-quality and a consistent reflection of your brand and services
  • Give your business a sense of being organized and professional
  • Differentiate you from your competitors

Signs work
They may not be on your payroll, but inside signage, wall graphics and displays are all working for you. According to one survey:*

  • Nearly 8 in 10 (76%) consumers say they have entered a store they have never visited before based on its signs.
  • Almost 7 in 10 (68%) consumers surveyed have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.
  • Three out of 4 have told someone about a store based simply on its signage.
  • More than two-thirds (68%) believe that a store’s signage is reflective of the quality of its products or services.
  • Poor signage can deter buyers from entering a store. Over half (52%) say they are less willing to enter a store if they spot misspelled or poorly-made signs.

What a good sign can do
Here are three important ways in which indoor signage can help market your business:

  1. Promote an event – A compelling sign can call attention to special event or sale.
  2. Show by demonstration – A presentation sign or display can show a product or service can answer a buyer’s need.
  3. Provide information – In addition to a how-to, inside signage can give helpful tips about the product benefits to add to a customer’s experience.

To-do list
Torn or tattered? Unclear or absent? It may be time to put together your to-do list and make your indoor signage a top priority. For fresh ideas and professional, efficient sign services, we can help.

*Printing Impressions, “FedEx Office Survey Finds Effective Signage Critical to Store Sales”

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