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Event marketing is made to order for small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits and other organizations with aggressive goals but limited sales resources. Participating in the right local, regional, national or international events allow you to present your sales story to many prospects in one place within a short period of time. Individual sales calling can’t match it for efficiency.

Experiences and events positively improve brand perception. According to Event Marketing Institute’s EventTrack 2014 report, 74% of participants have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted following an event.

Event marketing also adds a personal contact dimension to the less personal, technology-driven engagement that defines so much of the marketing and sales conversations today. It creates face-to-face opportunities to meet important prospects and the chance to reinforce your relationships with current customers.

Here are five quick tips for a show-stopping display:

1. Location, location, location. Try to reserve prime real estate in a high-traffic location so your booth will be seen by as many prospects as possible.

2. Plan your display graphics and messages to stop visitors in their tracks. Express your value proposition powerfully, and keep messaging clear and concise. Don’t make visitors guess what you are selling.

3. Use freestanding posters or roll-up banner stands to reinforce key messages and offers or to promote special demonstrations, educational sessions and other “events within the event.”

4. Schedule presentations or demonstrations in your booth, and promote the times and dates. You’ll boost attendance and allow your experts to “wow” entire groups of visitors at one time.

5. Stream live or recorded video footage of presentations or demonstrations to your event website and post to your YouTube channel. Email or use Twitter to alert non-attendees that they can experience your content remotely.

Need help with your event? We can help with displays, signage, handouts, apparel, giveaways and more.

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