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Content Marketing: 5 Tactics That Educate and EngageChances are, your chief competitors are doing their share of content marketing. About half of small and medium-sized business marketers (SMBs) we recently surveyed in partnership with an independent research firm are increasing content marketing budgets; just 7% scaling back.

Creating engaging content is job #1. Here are five tactical ways to deliver it to your key audiences:

1. Offer proof through case studies. Identified as the most effective tactic by more than half (55%) of our survey respondents, articles and case studies are readily distributed through blogs, emails and websites. Among survey subjects, they’re also considered one of the easiest tactics to execute.

2. Capture leads with videos. Considered by three out of five SMBs to be the most difficult type of content to create, videos are also evaluated as most effective by 45% in our study. To simplify video production, find ways to maximize your time and effort. One shoot, with the right editing, can yield multiple videos.

3. Increase interest with infographics. Think integration when using infographics, rated the third most effective type of content by our survey takers. Share yours via your blog, direct mail or email campaigns. And pull out specific statistics as Facebook posts, linking back to the full infographic on your website.

4. Educate with white papers. Used primarily by business-to-business marketers, white papers or educational guides are best when presenting ideas in depth or delivering a point-of-view on relevant and timely issues. It also helps to know your target audience’s format preference: Some may prefer a printed copy, while others may opt for an electronic download.

5. Gather intelligence with webinars. The devil is in the details with webinars and is most likely why they rank just behind videos as the most difficult type of content to produce, according to our survey respondents. On the plus side? Event registration forms capture prospect and customer data on the front end, whether registrants actually attend or not.

Need assistance with creating or distributing your valuable content through print and digital channels? Let us know; we can help. And contact us for a free copy of our 2015 research report, Content Marketing Trends from the Small and Medium-sized Business Perspective.

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