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Content Marketing and SMBs: What’s Trending We recently reached out to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, for his views on what’s trending in content marketing. He shared his insights into the challenges to and opportunities for creating valuable and relevant material with the goal of changing or maintaining a behavior. Here are some of his thoughts for small and medium-sized business (SMBs) marketers:

SMBs are gaining greater opportunity. “There are no barriers to entry for publishing anymore,” reports Joe. “Any SMB can publish content without heavy investment to try to build a loyal audience.”

More channels mean even more clutter. “Whereas before we had nine, now we have hundreds,” says Joe. “So it becomes more challenging to cut through the clutter. Podcasts have exploded as more consumers look for audio content. Also, a number of SMBs are looking at print as one of the best ways to reach target audiences with all of the online clutter.”

Beginners should start small. “Start with a blog, podcast or video channel,” relates Joe. “Then use your social media channels to distribute that content. Start telling a story that positions you as the leading expert in your particular niche.”

Build a loyal following. “The best way to build an audience,” says Joe, “is to create an offer that people need to sign up for with an email address, and then deliver on that promise with, say, a weekly newsletter. With this data, you can start to tell what’s different between those who subscribe to your content versus non-subscribers.”

Consistency is key. “Look at repurposing much of your content,” advises Joe. “For example, a blog post can become an audio podcast, or a video series transcribed into a blog post. Think up front about all the different ways you can take one content effort and retell that story to reach a new audience.”

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