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Content Marketing Metrics That MatterWhen initiating any marketing campaign, it makes good sense to track your progress – or lack thereof. Through quantitative measurements or metrics, you can determine if your efforts are achieving the desired results … or are off course and in need of an alternate strategy.

But which metrics can best measure the effectiveness of content marketing – an initiative by which you create valuable and relevant content targeted to a specific audience with the objective of changing or maintaining their behavior?

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, recommends that the number of email subscribers should be first on your list when evaluating content marketing. “Focus for nine to twelve months on building a subscriber base through consistent, compelling content,” says Joe. “The holy grail of content marketing metrics, if there is one, is the subscriber.”

Of course, others marketers are ready for more comprehensive measures. Consumption metrics, for example, determine via click-through rates, downloads and other data the number of viewers who consume your content, the channels they use, and the frequency of their consumption.

Also useful, retention metrics help you measure your effectiveness in holding a viewer’s interest. Google Analytics, for example, reveals the percentage of returning visitors who return to your website.

Sharing metrics let you know what content is being shared, by whom, and in what manner. For Facebook, Twitter and other social media, a resource like SharedCount can help quantify the “likes,” retweets and “shares” of your posts.

There’s more, of course. Depending on the size and sophistication or your content marketing campaign, you can measure its effectiveness through metrics for leads, sales, production and costs, including ROI or the return on your investment.

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