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Think Ink for Content MarketingBefore you go all in with digital channels when distributing your content, consider this: People like print! According to a survey by Two Sides, 70% of people say they prefer paper communications rather than reading off of a screen.

And with print, you’ll not only satisfy the preferences of many in your target audience, you’ll also sidestep the online clutter that diminishes the efforts of many digital-only competitors.

Now that you’ve spent the time, effort and money to create relevant content, follow these tips to make sure it gets noticed … and stays remembered:

    Team it with digital. Combine print and digital tactics for increased response. Savvy content marketers use printed materials to point readers to online content — and vice versa.
    Aim with precision. With today’s mailing lists, you can pinpoint your best direct mail audiences while eliminating wasted deliveries to those who are not likely to be interested in your offer.
    Customize it. Response rates to custom direct marketing campaigns are, on average, over four times greater than generic, one-size-fits-all messages, says Caslon. So take advantage of variable data printing to individualize your envelopes and letters with names, text and images to reflect gender, interests and purchase history and more.
    Toughen it up. Printed materials often can be as “viral” as digital content when passed from friend to friend. Make sure your pieces hold up to the added wear and tear. Thicker paper stock is one solution; waterproof or laminated finishes, and heavy-duty bindings are others.
    Catch the eye. Help your printed pieces stand out with metallic and pearlescent pigments. Or consider foil stamping or embossing for special events or high-end product launches. Other solutions include gloss UV and glitter coatings to add luster, or glow-in-the-dark or fluorescent that set a different mood.

Whether thinking ink, digital or both for your content marketing, also think of us. We can help.

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