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Get Graphic with Your ContentYou may not know them by name, but you’ll certainly recognize one by sight: infographics are visual representations of data intended to present information quickly and clearly.

“Infographics can explain the unexplainable,” says Karl Gude, former infographics director at Newsweek magazine and The Associated Press. “Complex data tables, numbers and locations instantly come alive.”

Of course, the increasing popularity of infographics should come as no surprise. Properly executed, they offer multiple benefits to content marketers:

    They attract attention. A visual interpretation of your brand or other message, infographics combine data, pictures and words in an eye-catching and oftentimes fun format!
    They’re accessible. Infographics can connect your message with an audience that may be unreachable via text formats, providing information to a target that might not otherwise be consumed.
    They’re easily shared. Readily passed on from follower to follower via social media sites like Facebook, infographics offer excellent viral potential, which is the holy grail among most content marketers.
    They’re readily repurposed. Because infographics are easy to share on any medium, they’re great content for email outreach and social posts or printed for direct mail campaigns.
    They boost SEO. As more and more people share and link to your infographic from their websites, blogs or social pages, you gain not only a larger audience but also higher rankings for your website on search engines.

One word of caution if proceeding with this content marketing tactic: A poorly crafted infographic can hurt an organization’s credibility. “They do take work and a specific set of skills,” says Gude.

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