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Light bulb Retailers who discount color psychology and its influence on sales could be singing the blues. When prospects first walk into your store, they make a subconscious judgment about your retail environment and its products within 90 seconds. How much of that first impression is based on color alone? As much as 90%, according to researchers.

Seems it’s never been truer that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. More than half of shoppers say they won’t return to a store if they don’t like its look or aesthetics. Further, a full 90% of purchasing decisions are based on visual appearance, with 85% of consumers citing color as the primary reason why they purchase a product.

On every level from packaging to signage, color impacts your sales. Whether it’s a permanent sign affixed to your building or a banner to announce a special promotion, spending a few extra dollars for color printing makes good sense. Color is a triple-threat, improving comprehension (73%), learning (55-68%) and readability (40%).

Two Powerhouses
Ever consider why nearly all in-store sale signs are in red? A study published in the journal, Emotion, finds that people react faster and more aggressively when they see the color red. Translation: They may spend more.

Consider, too, the use of blue in the logos of many banks and other financial institutions. It seems the familiar phrase “true blue” is indeed accurate because the color prompts feelings of trust. A study by the Journal of Business Research notes that customers are 15% more likely to return to stores with blue color schemes than those decorated with orange.

Interested in how color psychology can influence your marketing? Contact American Speedy Printing if you’d like our graphic designers to assist you in your branding efforts in which colors are key.

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