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HeartA hospital network was set to open a new 63,000-square-foot facility, dedicated exclusively to children’s care. The organization was seeking to drive patient referrals by building relationships between key hospital staff members and area physicians and their employees. Two open house dates were selected targeting health care professionals in the surrounding areas.

To capture attention and generate interest in the open houses, a high-impact “lumpy-mail” package was developed to drive greater response than a typical healthcare direct mail campaign. It featured:

•A bright blue box contained a printed invitation and a building block figurine dressed as a doctor.
•The primary colors and overall design of the mailer and box matched the child-friendly look and feel of the new facility.
•The tagline, “Come and see how all the pieces fit together,” supported the building block theme of the piece and the event.

The boxes were mailed to a list of 600 area physicians’ offices, inviting them to attend one of two open house dates.

Two key objectives were met:

1.Make a powerful first impression. Many visitors commented on the impact of the unusual mailing.
2.Build relationships between hospital staff and the communities they would be serving. The client reported a “great turnout” with several hundred in attendance.

Did you know . . . According to recent research, 85% say they will open mail if it looks interesting. Let American Speedy Printing’s direct mail experts show you how you can add intrigue to healthcare direct mail campaigns to deliver better results. Of course, we’ve helped clients in a wide variety of other industries, too, including nonprofits.

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