9 Tips for Landing Page Design That Drive More Conversions


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Today’s competitive business environment demands a multi-channel approach to even the most traditional marketing campaigns.

Seasoned multi-channel marketers have learned the value of a marrying a print channel, like direct mail, with digital assets to improve response rates. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 22% of marketers report using some sort of online tracking capability, such as personalized URLs (PURLs) to track direct mail response rates.

Driving customers and prospects to your landing page is half the battle; converting visitors into leads is the other. Here are nine ways to optimize your landing page design to drive more conversions:

    1.Get your campaign domain name early. It can influence content, and sometimes the one you want is unavailable.

    2.Place your logo high on the page for clear brand identity.

    3.Keep it simple. Write a strong headline and short description of the offer.

    4.Clearly state the benefits. Reinforce the reason why they’re giving up personal information.

    5.Add an image. Avoid all confusion, and use an image relevant to your offer – or an image of your offer, if it makes sense.

    6.Minimize fields. Asking too much may cause abandonment, so stick to what’s essential for lead follow-up.

    7.Direct the eye to the button. Make it stand out from other graphics or colors on the page, and write a compelling call-to-action rather than “submit” or “click here.”

    8.Be consistent with the look and feel of the source leading to it: direct mailer, email or online ad.

    9.Include a “thank you.” Once the form is completed and the button clicked, send your leads to a “thank you” page where they can access the offer. Here, you can direct leads to other website pages or present secondary offers.

Could your landing page design or other websites use a re-fresh? Let American Speedy Printing know; we’re here to help!

Joe_Harrison Joe is passionate about helping SMBs. He’s spent the last 25+ years building the American Speedy Printing Marketing • Print • Mail brand – and sharing best practices and marketing trends with his customers. Through research, in-person visits and this blog, he hopes to engage with and empower local business owners and marketing professionals.

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