Using Promotional Products to Recognize Employees


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Promotional-Products-to-Recognize-EmployeesWhen formal and informal recognition is built into your company culture, it can help you to attract and retain top performers while deepening commitment to your organization. Using promotional products to recognize employees can lead to increased satisfaction and motivation among your team.

Consider that companies with effective employee recognition programs enjoy 31% lower voluntary turnover rates, reducing high costs associated with hiring and training.

Here are a few tips for using promotional products to recognize employees that may be small investments in time and money but can pay big dividends.

Be specific. While acknowledging an employee of the month is good, better yet is rewarding your team members in the moment. Drawstring backpacks, headphones, or travel blankets with your company imprint are all on trend.
Encourage peer recognition. Enable your employees to acknowledge one another for going the extra mile or being a team player with whimsical “high five” trophies or golden tokens redeemable for office perks.
Put it in writing. Top-performing companies prioritize employee communications as sharing your organizational vision and mission is essential for engagement. Salute those who embody your company values during staff meetings, and highlight their personal stories and achievements in your printed company newsletter.
Tie rewards to company goals. Get the most from your employee appreciation program by linking some awards directly to your goals: increasing sales, improving customer service or identifying cost savings. Traditional plaques and crystal trophies can instill pride in high-level accomplishments.
Remember remote employees. Teleworking from home or locations far from the main office is commonplace. Reinforce their sense of connection by ensuring remote employees are represented in recognition opportunities.

For more employee and customer appreciation ideas, talk to the promotional products experts at American Speedy Printing.

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