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Health and wellness promotional products are strong contenders among the year’s trendiest logoed items. That’s great news for marketers in search of a memorable giveaway that offers people what they value most: practicality. Seventy-seven percent of Americans and 82% of Canadians say the top reason they keep a logoed item is if it’s useful, according to a 2016 Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) study.

drinker More to the point, the study reveals 82% of consumers can immediately remember the advertiser’s name on the health and safety product they own. That type of recall is pure gold in a marketplace cluttered with advertising messages.

To hit the mark with your target audience for whom health and fitness are a priority, affordable and functional wellness promotional products include a variety of drink infusers, blender bottles, exercise mats, workout towels and breathable tote bags. Also consider first aid kits and hand sanitizers for a broader distribution such as trade show or event giveaways to all visitors to your booth.

Marketers take note: Promotional products can deliver a healthy return on your marketing investment, compared to other forms of advertising. The ASI study shows consumers in all demographics, from ages 18 to 55, named promotional products as the form of advertising they liked best. ASI also notes that the cost for promotional products is not expected to increase markedly in the next few years.

One more reason to take a closer look at logoed items? Pass-along value. More than half of consumers reported they will give away a product that they are finished with rather than throw it out or file it away, per the ASI study.

When you’re looking for ways to connect with your key audiences with wellness promotional products or thousands of other industry-specific or event-related logoed items, let the “professional shoppers” at American Speedy Printing know. We can take the time-consuming product search off your hands and come up with innovative yet practical ideas that fit your budget and timeline.
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