Top 4 Lead Generation Tips for 2017


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According to a 2017 report from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 8 out of 10 business-to-business organizations say lead generation will be a content marketing goal over the next year. Other channel marketers – direct mail, email and digital – traditionally agree lead generation is an essential goal, year after year.
Lead Generation
Effective marketing communications plans all have the same general objective: Say the right thing to the right people at the right time through the right channels to generate the action you want . . . at lower costs than can be accomplished with personal meetings.

The goal is to use a mix of communications that match up to your target audience, then make price and performance decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of each option. Here are five things to consider for your lead generation activities:

    1. Define your target markets. Without having a good estimate of the number of people in your target audience, you cannot do a good job of selecting the media channels available to reach them. Defining business-to-business markets is a matter of determining how many organizations there are of a specific type, then identifying the type and number of people per organization that are important to you. Most often you need to define by business type, size and location.
    2. Frequency matters. The Ebbinghaus Memory Curve shows that 80% of what someone is told will be forgotten within 30 days, and 70% is forgotten after 48 hours. Use multiple channels and reach out to your audience multiple times.
    3. Measure results. The effectiveness of your marketing should be evaluated in ways that align with your specific objectives, like: website traffic, store visits, coupon redemptions, appointments for personal meetings, attendance at a special event, phone and email requests for estimates or more information, and direct sales.
    4. Be realistic. Do as much as you can, but don’t feel pressured to do it all. Start small, enlist the help of a qualified marketing services provider, if needed, and build from there.

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Joe is passionate about helping SMBs. He’s spent the last 25+ years building the American Speedy Printing Marketing • Print • Mail brand – and sharing best practices and marketing trends with his customers. Through research, in-person visits and this blog, he hopes to engage with and empower local business owners and marketing professionals.

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