Tracking Results Essential to Calculate Direct Mail ROI


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Direct mail marketers capitalize on mail’s physical qualities that enable human connection and drive action. While the mailing list will always have the most impact on the success of the campaign, having strong content can improve direct mail ROI by driving greater response.

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One of the biggest reasons for a direct mail campaign’s failure is the inability to measure success. If you don’t track results, there is no way to know if your campaigns are profitable and if you are wisely investing marketing dollars.

From the very start of campaign planning, establish a process for tracking results. By putting a plan in place before launch, you can ensure all of the leads are properly tracked and can be easily accessed and integrated into your reporting.

Start by determining your campaign objectives. Do you want to generate leads? Make sales? Drive traffic to your store or website? Once you understand your goals, you can incorporate tracking mechanisms to measure response.

What to Measure

  • Response rate. How many people did something as a result of your campaign?
  • Sales. How many sales did you make as a result of this campaign? (Be sure to measure against each call-to-action included in your campaign – 800 number, website, reply card, etc.)
  • Change in behavior. Were you successful in driving people to more efficient and less costly channels, a website vs. a call center? What is your savings?
  • Information. Were you able to capture updated or additional information from prospects and customers that will help you with future marketing efforts?
  • Tracking Mechanisms to Try

  • Printed coupons or gift cards
  • Unique campaign URL or personalized URLs
  • Tracking codes placed on reply cards or envelopes
  • Promotion codes that can be used online or by phone
  • Special toll-free numbers set up for specific mailings
  • Email addresses created for each campaign
  • Digital response like downloads and website visitors
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